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I am an Inventor
Industrial Design


Product Styling perfectly aligned with target market trends for contemporary & attractive products. Forward thinking and Holistic ID increases product Life Expectancy.

Mechanical Engineering


High quality mechanical engineering is the 'key' to a successful product design, product detailing and economical production.

Prototype Build


Design validation and verification prior to production using high quality prototypes. Product development cost savings using accurate 'Virtual Prototypes'.

Production Support


Manufacturing of your product is managed by engineers ensuring quality parts, produced economically, either locally or in Asia, in a seamless process.

, efficient and cost effective

We worked with major international corporations such as:

Baylis Medical, ViewSonics, AB Sciex, Sentinelle Medical, Ionics, SciCan, Smiths Detection, BASF, Northern Light Technologies, Newcon Optik, Active Control Tech. etc...

We bring 'Big Enterprise' high quality Design & Engineering practices
to Inventors at Start-Up AFFORDABLE rates

We offer full set of reasonably priced services ■ from the initial Idea to Production ■ Special pricing for Inventors and Entrepreneurs
FREE Prototype with Project and Other discounts ■  Checkout our REBATE Page for our current Discounts & other Offers.

DESIGNLORE™ provides traditional engineering and affordable
product design & development solutions for every problem

We offer a complete set of reasonably priced services ■ from the initial Idea to Production ■ providing you with
Big Enterprise practices and Leading Edge designs for less. ■  Checkout our REBATE Page for our current Discounts & other Offers.

DESIGNLORE™ Inc. is licensed Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design company providing a full set of product development and professional mechanical engineering services to inventors, entrepreneurs, startups and large corporations. Integrating the leading edge design approach with Traditional Engineering principles we provide our clients with the 'Right the First Time' innovative and aesthetically appealing product designs on time and on budget. We blend creative and innovative thinking with knowledge from science and theory, and call this process the 'Art of Engineering' from the initial Idea to Finished Product, (concept to production), we provide both customized / individual consulting services and Design+Build Turn-Key Solutions for new products; or cost reduction & product improvements for your existing product.


DESIGNLORE is a licensed engineering company specializing in Product Development services from Idea to Production (including mfg. support).
DESIGNLORE guarantees quality of services and designs.
DESIGNLORE guarantees completion and delivery dates.

  • premium quality of services
  • highest level of design and engineering solutions
  • comprehensive & Turn-Key product development services
  • reduction of development and product costs
  • reasonably priced services
  • ultimate flexibility and personalized approach
  • cost effective and appealing designs
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highest level of professionalism perfect mixture of creativity art and engineering, intuitive design approach DESIGNLORE is the best! professionalism, expertise, dedication and hard work had paid off with the product that is extreamly unique essence of our ideas and translate into eye-catching, market leading solution


Project Management


We customize project plans for each project in accordance with client's specific requirements, and deliver on time and within the set budget.

Product Development


By anticipating all possible outcomes, we expedite the product development in a risk free manner, avoiding obstacles towards the most economical and efficient solutions.

Unique Product Development Process


Our specialized ID and engineering provides mature concept solutions, fully feasible and manufacturable already at the Concept level.

Cost Effective Product Design Solutions


Overall, we reduce costs in Five (5) different ways. We save both development costs and time by using 'Virtual Prototypes' instead of real physical prototypes.